All organizations face some degree of physical threat, whether from crime, natural disasters, technological incidents or human error. At GPS, we’ve have provided a wide array of threat assessments to better insure the protection of critical infrastructures. Determining risk factors that affect a particular facility or asset enables your organization to enhance the return on investment from the time and money spent on remediation efforts. GPS provides tailored physical security recommendations to increase mitigation’s effectiveness. Some of the services we offer include:

 Site Surveys
 Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
 Multi-disciplinary Security
 Cyber Security
 Insider Threat Support
 SCIF pre-accreditation Support
 Information Security
 Force Protection
 Logistics Support
 Construction Surveillance
 Information Security 
 Management Systems

GPS will identify reasonable counter measures needed to reduce risk. Make sure your organization is in compliance with Federal, State, and Local law and regulations. Recommend measures for protecting Government and Commercial assets including people, tangible assets of a physical nature, and intangible assets that are intellectual and abstract (such as the organization’s reputation). Our Subject Matter Experts are former or retired Federal law enforcement and security professionals with the know-how to fortify your organization’s assets. Contact us at or 703-921-0200.

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